Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve your group for my event?

To reserve our group, we just need to know the type of ensemble you would like (duo, trio or quartet) and the amount of time you would like us to perform. You will receive a copy of our performance contract, which you can sign and send back with the deposit to reserve the group for your event. We recommend reserving the group as early as possible, but we can also work on reasonably short notice.

We require a 50% deposit in order to reserve the group. The balance is due one month prior to the event date. We accept payments by check through our management company that can be sent to:

B&B Entertainment
304 Newton Avenue
Oakland, CA 94606

We can also accept payments by credit card through Paypal (there is a additional 3% fee).

Will you perform songs that are not on your repertoire list?

We have an extensive repertoire selection for each of our ensembles (string duo, trio and quartet). Each separate list consists of pieces that are written specifically for that ensemble. If you have a special song in mind that is not in our repertoire, a skilled professional composer can write a custom arrangement for us to perform at your event.

For many titles, there is sheet music for piano available, from which the composer will adapt the right blend of melodies and harmonies for the string ensemble. The cost for this service is $60 per title.

In some cases, there is no sheet music available for the composer to work from. In this case, the composer will work from a recording of the piece to construct by ear an original arrangement for our group. The cost for this varies depending on the piece.

Do you perform outdoors?

We play often outdoors between May 1st and October 1st. The sensitivity of our instruments, some of which are over 100 years old, require us to be in a well-shaded area, and in temperatures between 60 and 95 degrees. A well-shaded area can be shade from a nearby structure, under a tent (canopy), or tree. In case of rain, we highly recommend having backup indoor location.

When can I expect the group to arrive at the venue?

We typically plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to our contracted time for set up. The gives us ample time to get acquainted with the venue, speak with any coordinators, and to arrange any chairs and music stands.

What happens in the case of sickness or personal emergency?

We have a core group of performers who perform at most events, as well as a roster of guest artists who play with us often. This ensures that we are able to fill a position in the event of sickness or personal emergency. Last-minute substitutions rarely occur, and we are honored to work with active, well-seasoned artists who are accustomed to performing all around the globe.

Will you relocate to a different location during the contracted time?

We are available to relocate to different locations during our contracted time. We often perform at more than one venue for the same event. If you would like the group to move to a different area of the venue, we are happy to do that as well. If the venue is able to assist with setting up chairs in each performance location, relocating can take as little as 5-10 minutes.

Do you collaborate with other musicians?

Our group frequently performs with other musicians, such as vocalists and organists for ceremonies. Many times, an organist will perform responsorial hymns and mass service music. We can collaborate with them on part of the prelude, as well as the recessional and any other songs during the ceremony for which there is sheet music. We also have selections for strings with voice or organ in our repertoire. We will coordinate with the other musicians directly to prepare sheet music and any other details prior to the event to ensure a smooth-running performance.

Do your instruments require amplification?

The acoustic qualities of our instruments are sufficient to fill most spaces. Churches will typically provide ample reverberation for any string ensemble. With larger gatherings, and for outdoor events, a quartet or trio project enough sound for amplification to be rarely needed. If you have circumstances that require amplification, we are happy to work with your sound technician.